Spray Grass – New lawn fast at a fraction of the Cost of Turf.
Brisbane company HydroSprayGrass provides hydromulching, hydroseeding, erosion control and drought resistant grass Solutions

Hydro Spray Grass is ideal for times of Water Restrictions. See the ‘Drought‘ page for more information on how to work with level 5 water restrictions and still grow new grass.

A fresh new approach

Hydro Spray Grass can give you a new lawn and you will save big dollars. Historically, there has only been one way to grass an area, by buying then laying turf. Now there is another and far cheaper way, a Hydromulching application by HYDRO SPRAY GRASS!

There are 4 great ways that Hydro Spray Grass can be used to help you.

First: A whole new lawn. From bare dirt to a sea of green in around 5 weeks.

Second: A patch up of a ruined piece of lawn. This can easily happen if your lawn has been damaged by heavy machinery or the removal of some large obstruction over your lawn leaving a bare patch

Third: Lawn rejuvenation. Your lawn may be thin and tired looking. Hydro Spray Grass can be sprayed in a specially thinned mix over your existing lawn. New grass will germinate and grow and thicken your lawn to a rich soft lawn to be proud of.

Fourth: Erosion Control. This is over steep banks or road batters. Instead of cut-outs around roads or near houses being bare dirt and subject to erosion, a spray by Hydro Spray Grass, can check any potential damage by wind or rain and with some assistance by you, grow grass or shrubs.


What Does It Cost?

Prices for a beautiful Couch lawn start as low as $2.80 per metre and get lower as the area to spray gets bigger.
What Hydro Spray Grass does NOT COST is:
Extra money for delivery
Extra time, money, or work to lay it down.
Its as simple as you call and we come to your place and spray. All you have to do is water it.

Remember: You use far less water to install a lawn this way than you do laying Turf. Or even by planting the grass by hand.

Why Use Hydro Spray Grass

1. The Mix
The mix is a careful blending of A grade Grass Seed, mulch fibre, fertilizers, tactifier, and water to form a thick Homogeneous slurry called Hydromulch and this sprayed onto your topsoil at high pressure at just the right thickness. Professional work by an experienced Hydromulching company.

2. Instant Protection
It forms a protective layer over the soil about 3mm thick that dries a few hours after application. Your expensive topsoil is now secured from being washed or blown away. In fact, the Brisbane City Council as well as most other councils around the world, recommend this type of hydroseeding application to protect against erosion of exposed soils.

The Way it Works

Using this special machine, the ingredients of Hydro Spray Grass are mixed together then pumped through this hose. Hydro Spray Grass is sprayed (sometimes called hydroseeding) at high pressure over the ground where you want the grass to grow. Ideal preparation gives a surface that is not too dry and not too damp. The top layer of dirt mixes with the Hydro Spray Grass and it all binds together to form a protective layer over the soil.

You then let it dry, (or set) then when it has hardened it is ready to water. Only water as per directions, you do not need too much, and in no time at all you will have your new lawn.

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